Thursday, January 22, 2009

Egg in a Cup

Just because I am fully obsessed with Food and Wine, Truffles, and Per Se, doesn't mean that I don't appreciate the simpler things in life... like cooking my meals in a cup.

This weekend in Vermont, I had an eye opening experience. You can make an egg and cheese sandwich in 30 seconds and only have to wash out a coffee mug. How? I'm glad you asked!

1)Put English Muffin in Toaster
2) Break an egg into a Mug
3) Scramble Egg in Mug
4) Tear up a slice a cheese and place on top of Egg in Mug
5) Nuke Mug for 30 seconds (40 for a more cooked egg)
6) Take English Muffin out of toaster, turn mug upside-down over a half muffin, salt n' peppa, close sandwich and enjoy a scrumptious breakfast (yummy noises optional)

Visuals below:

Steamy Egg hot from the microwave:

Delicious completed sandy (minus 1 bite):


Melissa said...

I think that looks so good, we should start making this in the GN office!

Carmen said...

so easy to do.. we should!

Andy said...

This is a great entry. (I don't have a microwave, though.)