Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Top Chef almost made me crap my pants (spoiler alert)

WOW. Based on the previews, I was freaking the fuck out about Fabio staying on TC. I really was praying to the Top Chef gods the entire time, and went into deep psychological mind games with the teasers before the commercials. Example: They showed Fabio saying "OH NO!" that must mean that he WON'T be sent home because they wouldn't reveal that much in a teaser.. would they? WOULD THEY?!

As you can see I'm deeply commited to my Italian Stallion staying on the show although I'm pretty sure his days are numbered.

Jeff going home was definitely the right decision - he was literally the edible equivalent of a clusterfuck. I bet he's a great chef but honestly when you're racing the clock, that's probably not the best situation for someone who is disorganized and can't focus. If I had it my way Jamie would be packing her bags since I'm not a big fan of all her soups and seafoods. I WOULD say Carla should go but I can't because she cracks me up everytime I see her.

This episode especially had me at a constant snicker - here are some observations and quotes that had me going:

- Fabio: I am 30 years old and sleep in a bunky bed
- Fabio's mention of monkey ass and a banana. Seriously, what's his obsession? Is that his go-to PG swear word?
- Carla's eyes getting googlier by the minute
- Andrew's letter to season 5 starting with "Dear Season 5"
- The "scoreboard" in the home team's kitchen said "Top Chefs" vs. "Douches"
- Fabio: This is not cooking.. this is rushing!
- Stephen's crush on every female ever

Ah, man - also, scenes from next week? Eric Ripert? I can't wait - he's obviously the most talented french chef, probably anywhere. Also, I can't wait to see them filet up that eel.

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