Thursday, February 5, 2009

Carla as a Fraggle (I can't not post this) gives a hilarious recap of Top Chef every week and this week is no exception..

Jamie and Carla mangle the sardines and are eliminated in the first round. In round two, Fab leaves too much flesh on the head (that's what no one said) and Leah just plain gives up on her arctic char. Gives up? This is Top Chef, not Top My Hands Are Sleepy. (Huh?) Chin up, girl. You're still in this, barely. The baldies get ready to face off in the final round. Did you know Hosea is the only male American chef still remaining in the competition? It's amazing he's done so well with all those disadvantages. A truly inspiring story. Hosea and Stefan try to psyche each other out by winking and blowing kisses at one another. I am always trying to psyche girls out in bars.

Impossible to not LOL at that.

Also, they posted this pic ... +1,000,000 points:

To update about Top Chef Season 6, Eater has got further details for us:

"You didn't hear it from me, but Top Chef season 6 is going to be taped at the new M Resort in Las Vegas. It is a far-far off-strip resort that is practically in Henderson. I think they're freaking out that they opened this big place in the middle of a recession and it's hard to pull tourists away from the strip to this place that's like half an hour away. So they made this deal to host Top Chef as a way of buying some cred."

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