Sunday, March 15, 2009

Carmen meets Fabio (XOXOXOXOXOXO)

First of all I want to give hardcore (or "mad" if you will) props to my friend Michelle from work for understanding my deep-seated and inappropriate obsession with Reality TV stars and all things Top Chef. 

Here is a minute by minute recap of the moments leading up to what will now be known as "The Meeting of Fabio - One of the Best Moments Ever": 

10:03pm: Michelle (text): Talking to FABIO in person at Side Bar on 15th and Irving
10:04: Me (text): Tell him I'm his number 1 fan please have put him on the phone*
* Forgot to mention I took a tequila shot at 9:45pm
10:06: Michelle (text) : I did! 
10:06: Me (text): What did he say
10:07: Michelle calls me and tells me to come to Side Bar. When I request to speak to Fabio, she hangs up on me. 
10:08: Me (text): Call me and let me say hi please please please tell him I voted him fan fav 100 times
10:09: Me (text): Ur Killing me
10:10: Michelle (text): He is gorgeous
10:10: Me (text): U are killing me can u get a pic for me can you please put him on the phone
10:11: Michelle (text): He is openingf a restaurant here
10:13: Me (text): Omg why are you ignoring all my requests
10:15: Me (text): arghhhhhhhhh
10:16: Me (text): I'm yearning
10:51: Michelle (text): He is exactly how he is on the show
10:52: Me (text): You are dead to me
11:00: Michelle (text): Come here!!! 
11:01: Me (text) Are you actually with him
11:01: Me (text): I'll come if he's not gonna be gone when I get there and I can say hi
11:02: Michelle (text): He is staying until the end of the cust game. Where r u
11:04: Me (text): 2nd and 2nd do you think I can make it
11:05: Michelle (text): Comeright now!!!
11:06: Michelle (text): Like leave now.. I told him u love him and u would die to meet him... He is the nicest human being alive
11:06: Me (text): I'm coming now
11:06: Michelle (text): Hurry! 
11:07 Me (text): No seriously I just got in a cab and told the driver to step on it
11:09: Michelle (text): Come!
11:09: Me (text): Where is it exactly is the bar on 15th and Irving? Tell Him I NEED to meet him. 
11:09: Michelle (text): Its called side bar on the corner
11:10: Me (text): K ten minutes max please dont let him leave
11:10 Michelle (text): Ok! 
11:11: Me (text): I'm freaking out I'm so excited
 it's not even funny
11:11: Michelle (text): lol contain yourself
11:12: Michelle (text): hurry 
11:13: Michelle (text): He is going to prana after this
11:14: Me (text): I'm in Astor Place just tell him 5 more minutes please
11:14: Me (text): 1 min away 
11:15: Me (text): I'm outside they won't let people in
11:15: Michelle (text): He's about to walk out
11:16: Me (text):  Come out
11:16: Michelle (text): Just wait hes gonna come out
11:17: Michelle (text): He's walking out now

Michelle walks out 
Michelle: Did you see him? 
Michelle (points halfway down the block): He's right there! In the leather jacket! 

I take off running like an insane person ... I'm literally not even thinking how I'm gonna do this without looking mentally ill.  All I can think is, OMG if I don't talk to him I'm gonna go be so angry. I finally catch up to him (I'm also sweating profusely and almost in tears of happiness) and I say... 

Me: (I tap him on his arm from behind) Um... Fabio? 
Fabio: (turns around): yes? 
Me: Omg.. sorry. My friend Michelle? You met her? She said.. I could.. meet you? Hi! Sorry to bother you, I just love you, I voted for you 100 times for fan favorite.. I just.. wanted to meet you. 
Fabio: Wow - you're too kind. What's your name? 
Me: Carmen. 
Fabio: Thank you so much Carmen. That means a lot to me. 
Me: Would you mind if we took a picture? 
Fabio: Not at all. 
Me: Thanks! (to one of the girls he was with) Would you mind taking a picture? (I hand her my iPhone)
Lucky Ass Girl: No problem
Me: Sorry, you must think I'm crazy
Lucky Ass Girl: No worries! He's like our brother! Okay, 1, 2, 3 ... *click*

Me: Thank you SO much. 
Fabio: Thank you Carmen - so nice to meet you. 

Cut to me running back to Michelle freaking the fuck out for another 30 minutes and doing crazy happy dances. Biggest. Crush. EVER. 

Also, I can check something off my NY to-do list:

- Telling a Cab Driver to "Step on it" 

Next, I'm going to try to incorporate: "Follow that cab" - stay tuned for that one. 

In any case, as you can imagine, I'm glowing with excitement. I feel like I just got engaged or something. I love him and apparently, he's scouting restaurant space to open a joint in NYC. Maybe we will meet again. And maybe in the future, I can pretend to be a completely different person so he won't be reminded that I acted like a freak when we first met. 

And the villagers rejoice.. 


ilse said...

i can't believe you actually met him! that's nuts and cool and awesome and you're crazy

ilse said...

btw, i was actually checking your blog to leave you a comment about whether or not you met him - hee hee!!

Embert said...

funny stuff. i dont know who the guy is, but u sure pissed ur pants for him.