Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Top Chef Reunites

So I was so stoked to see this episode. There sure isn't a lot to "recap" per se - I just wanted to highlight a few awesome moments:

- Patrick from Team Rainbow wearing an "I Love Foie" Tshirt - makes me wish he wasn't a horrible culinary student so we could have seen more of him
- Hosea still looks like he should be wearing a diaper and shaking a rattle
- Hosea said he's using his money towards "future investments". zzzzz...don't go crazy now! You wouldn't want to piss it all away on hair growth treatment or something
- The Team Europe montage was one of the best things I ever saw - it showed Fabio kissing Stefan's head like 100 times. God, I'm like totally in love with these guys.
- Carla montage = amazing
- Danny mentioned he had a 120 degree fever one time during his bday - he's already so red all the time! How much worse could it get!
- the Leah and Hosea controversy was finally NOT cleared up. All we know is they broke up with their sig others and would maybe date? we already knew that going in! I think Hosea may move to NY and then we can watch them suck face in Times Square and other equally disgusting locales.
- Leah and Jamie getting wasted was amazing. Now I really want to be on the show -you can be on reality TV, cook, AND get shit-faced. SOLD.
- Stefan's cockiness advice was amazing "You look in the mirror and say, 'you're the best' and that's it!" Done and done.
- BEST MOMENT EVER FABIO WINNING FAN FAVORITE. I swear I'm going to stalk him in LA. Looking up flights on expedia as we speak..

Sad, TC is now over and my life is over (not). Sorry I haven't been posting - work has been out of control. So much so that I have been eating Ramen and Eggs every night. i PROMISE you're getting a few more posts this week. PROMISE.

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