Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Top Chef ... VEGAS!!!

I'm back everyone. And so is Top Chef.. and in Sin City!

I'm not going to say much in this blog - I mean, the best part of Top Chef for me is a) the food but b) the crazy ass people on the show. Right now, they are all a blob to me and I don't know anyone's name.

This season seems crazy - TC seems to have focused on some DRAMA this season (perhaps they were inspired by the Hosea/Leah fiasco from last season). James Beard nominess... sibling rivalries... Lymphoma? Good god.

So I just watched the whole episode and I'm STILL not sure if Preeti is a boy or a girl. I'm inclined to say girl lesbian but jury's still out. Does anyone have any insight?

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any hotties, minus Mattin who is wearing a sharp red neckerchief. He looks a little gay though, but I think that might just be his European side coming out to say "Bonjour!"

I already love short, fat Eli who says he cooks because he is a fat kid. He backs up his theory by wearing a shirt with the word "Bacon" on it and a t-shirt with a picture of a steak on it within the first 10 minutes of the show. That's my type of boy!

The quickfire is to do a team mise-en-place which is basically prepping everything ... in this case, cleaning 5 lobsters, getting 2 chops of prime rib, peeling 30 prawns, and shucking 15 clams. The blue team rips through everything with a vengeance, mostly I would say because Mattin is ripping through those lobsters in a savage-like manner. The blue team takes the challenge easily and THEN they are told they have to now cook a dish featuring their prepped item for a chance to win *gasp* a $15,000 chip!

Long story short, Jen wins with a ceviche and I can already tell she's going to be a front runner for the women.

The elimination challenge is announced and they have to cook a meal based on their vices. Also Wolfgang Puck is the guest judge. I actually went to his restaurant not too long ago and honestly, was not impressed. The service was sloppy and the food was eh... not my favorite steak house in the city but definitely alright. You wouldn't know it by his judging though - he was brutal!

I can already tell when the judges are tasting the dishes that Kevin will win and he is the obvious front runner. He was one of the James Beard nominees so I'm not really surprised. Turns out, I'm right, he wins the elimination challenge! woot!

Now, for the bad news - they pull in Hector and his fried steak, Piercing Chick (whatever her name is) for her dry chicken breast, Jen for her poblano chillie with *blegh* seitan, and that crazy chicks bland scallop dish. Since Jen seems really desperate, I immediately peg that she's going to be sent home. What do you know? I'm completely right and she is packing her knives before I can "Don't ever use seitan again"

I'm stoked for this season and the show always inspires me to get cooking. Stay tuned for more posts in the near future!

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