Friday, October 3, 2008

Hello and Welcome!

If you're wondering what this blog is about, and why you're wasting your precious cyberspace time here, lemme clear things up for you.

This blog is the equivalent of the first round of American Idol auditions - the William Hung's of the food world who can't help but think they are meant to shoot for the stars even though reality tells them otherwise.

I decided to start this blog because people out there? They take their food very seriously - as they should. Food is not to be joked about - it's sestenance, but also, I guarantee that not one person on this earth can go a day without thinking about it. How many days have you spent in front of your computer, bored out of your mind and hungover as all hell - and all you can think about is a juicy burger and fries from the Shake Shake? You know, watching the live webcam and planning your lunch hour around how long the line is? Um, just me then?

In any case, with amazing Food blogs such as Serious Eats,, and Grub Street - you have a wealth of knowledge at your feet about the best food and restaurants Manhattan has to offer. Combine that with the ever fascinating Food Network and I'm pretty sure you have everything you've ever wanted to know about food.

I'm hesitant to coin it as such, but this is food from a more novice level. I'm interested in discovering food. I still google certain ingredients/foods cause I have no idea what they are. I'm inviting the readers of this blog to learn with me. I may never be the next Anthony Bourdain or Mario Batali, but at least I can learn to make myself dinner once in awhile.

Second to my dream of becoming a world-reknown chef, I would love to be a food photographer. So expect there to be many pictures of things that I like to eat....


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