Friday, December 26, 2008

40 Carrots Review - Bringing back the frequent yogurt card

I decided there was a need to review one of my favorite places to eat "brunch" on Sunday... 40 Carrots on the 7th floor of Bloomingdales on 59th and Lex.

Now as reported by one of my food blog favorites Grub Street, there is a cold war launching in Manhattan (links to an amazing comparison of the different shops if you're interested) - yes that's right, I am endorsing this fro-yo pun because I've noticed the trend as well.

Never one to step down from eating frozen yogurt, I've tasted several of the competitors - Pinkberry, Red Mango, Flurt, Yolato, 16 Handles - but none of them even compare to that of 40 Carrots - for a mere $5 dollars, you can order their small (small = roughly the size of my abnormally large head) and for an additional $1 you can choose from a great topping bar.

The restaurant, which used to be located on the ground floor (aka. where the "biggies" shop) has now been completely re-done and moved upstairs to the 7th floor. While the service is still shitty, the Frozen Yogurt portions have doubled and so has the seating. A helpful hint for all single males looking for both Jappy and Waspy future-wives - 40 Carrots is swimming with single seated ladies with nothing to pay attention to but their yogurts.

My favorite yogurt combo is the plain (creamy not icy, perfectly tart and smooth) and coffee (a little on the sweet side but a great contrast to the tangy plain) ... SIDE BY SIDE (no swirl for me) and a huge side of walnuts, all served with a coffee in a plain white mug to head off the shivers.

If you want the best frozen yogurt in the city and are brave enough to handle the Bloomie's shoppers, 40 carrots is DEFINTELY the way to go.

Helpful hints:

- Bloomingdale's Soho also has a frozen yogurt set up on the 2nd floor tucked away behind the purses. They usually only have 2 flavors and about 5 tables, but there usually isn't a wait here.

- Make sure to pick up their frozen yogurt card - 8 stamps gets you a free yogurt! Woohoo!

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