Friday, February 13, 2009

Black Saturday - Slim Pickins'

Black Saturday (Valentines Day) is just around the corner and although I'm bitterly alone, just for fun, I've gone on opentable to find what's available at 8:00pm tomorrow last minute (4:40pm on a Friday):

Here are a few:

Barna - unless you are a guid with chains that enjoys long rides on the GW Bridge and Fist Pumping, I would avoid this place. Barely acceptable past midnight for just drinks so I would give this one a big fat X

Big Daddy's - I think the name explains it all. This is a brightly lit diner on Park Avenue with greasy fries. I'm sure whoever you take will be dying to hook up with you after.

Bricklane Curry House - again, I'm sure nothing gets your date in the mood like a extra spicy bowl of Tikka Masala. Either that or she's gonna boot on you inter-coitus.

City Lobster - Our elevators used to smell like this joint (they were adjoined) and wow, if the food smells anything like the lobby of our office, I would say Yikes.

Dukes - both locations are available! WOW! You really scored big time on this one. Better get your ressie in fast. You would hate to miss out on the "decor" (aka signs about milking cows) and delicious vomtastic chilli.

Lucky Cheng's - Alright - this is where I'll be on Vday. No Joke. Drag Queens and horrible food spell romance.

As you can see, there really is not much going on. You are better off doing this:

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ilse said...

happy vday, lady!

all the unhot women i work with got all kinds of gorgeous flowers. not that i'm saying i'm hot, or that if i was, i'd deserve flowers... that would be pretty self-centered and vain....