Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shake Shake and Momofuku Milk Bar - Part... God I've lost count

So I had a couple of people visiting NY this weekend (Hi Embert!) and as when any tourists are in town, us NYers feel compelled to pretend we actually walk instead of taking cabs everywhere. What was supposed to be a where's where of the city, ending up being somewhat of a "Eat Your Way Downtown" or "Tourists Eat Manhattan" situation.

We started out with Shake Shack - I've eaten at Shack Shake a dozen times but never without a line. I checked the Shack Cam to make sure the line was short and we walked our way over to Madison Sq. Park. Mind you, this was supposed to be a pre-dinner "snack" which by our definition meant splitting our food instead of eating it all ourselves. I ended up with fries, a Shake Shack Burger (which is essentially just a burger with a special "Shack Sauce"), and a diet coke. I gotta say, it's as good as I remember. The patty was juicy and the pun was toasted but still soft. Yummers. It's on the smaller side which is good when you are obese and putting yourself on a diet like me. The fries are the skinny shoe string kind - since I'm a fan of the crispy fry this really works to my advantage. The only thing that sucked was it was so frigid and the heat lamps weren't working. Nuts! Here is a pic of me, Embert, and his gf Janice:

Next stop.. uhhh.. more food? I had to walk them to the east village to visit Momofuku Milk Bar again. I know. Again. Apparently I have more of a sweet tooth than I thought I did. Also, we were supposed to eat dinner in like an hour. Oh, and walking off our burgers at Shake Shack. Oops.

Anyway, we got the crack pie (which I've had before but was a little too cracktastic for me) and I tried the Chocolate Chip and Passion Fruit Cake. At first glance it reminded me of the Carrot Cake that I literally fantasize about. It was actually super delicious -it had this cream cheesey frosting that had a hint of passion fruit tanginess to it. The rest of it was a typical cake - nice and fluffy and covered in chocolate chips. Oh and it was ginormous:

On that note, apologies for being absent lately. Let's just say I haven't been doing much cooking or eating - I've been a liquid diet.

I'm getting back in the kitchen this week so stay tuned - plus, look for my Top Chef recap tomorrow evening. SO EXCITED.

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